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SASCU has been and continues to be invited to collaborate on various research and advocacy initiatives on children and share its expertise in this area. It also increasingly receives invitations to make presentations at national and international conferences and meetings on issues related to children on streets. This highlights that SASCU has over the years been able to position itself as one of the leading child rights and advocacy agencies. SASCU’s advocacy strategy is a process of effecting positive change in policies, practices, ideas and values that perpetuate the deprivation and abuse of children in Uganda. Over the past five years, SASCU has been undertaking collective advocacy with Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Children (UPFC), Uganda Child Rights NGO Network (UCRNN) for amendment of the Children Act 2016 to strengthen care and protection of children. SASCU advocacy has also engaged with Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MGLSD) to effectively implement the strategy on street children.