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Since inception, SASCU has made remarkable contribution in the education of children by supporting children in vulnerable situations to enroll in school and acquire basic education and skills. Vulnerable children from the surrounding communities as well as those rescued from street situations have been supported to enroll at SASCU’s Future Hope Nursery and Primary School in Kamwokya and other primary and secondary schools in the country. Beneficiary children are further provided with scholastic materials and other costs of education. Children with diverse talents in Music, dance and drama as well as sports are given an opportunity to exploit such talents for their future survival and livelihood.


In a bid to ensure proper growth and development of children under 6 years of age, SASCU has been and continues to work towards strengthening the care environment for growth and development of children as well as protection from abuse and exploitation. In this direction, an ECCD centre has been set up to provide quality ECCD services to children. An integrated and holistic approach that is child centered and community based to promote and strengthen the capacity of vulnerable families and communities as the first line of action to address child protection, survival and development issues has been adopted to provide an all-round environment for children.