SASCU currently operates a vast 76-acre farm land located in Luwero, 50kms from Kampala City - with a range of sustainability projects including; farming for both domestic and commercial production, tree planting, animal farming etc. These income-generating projects help SASCU to care for rescued and orphaned children. They also provide employment opportunities for the community and serve as a training and demonstration centre for young adults.

SASCU’s sustainability initiatives are a critical part of its development strategy. The purpose of our sustainability program is;

1. To generate income that sustains SASCU’s activities, allowing us to provide for the rescued and orphaned children in our care.
2. To create a training environment for SASCU’s young adults so that they are equipped to become future business leaders.
3. To create employment opportunities for SASCU’s young adults and members of the extended community.



SASCU operates a goat farm with the aim of contributing to the monthly budget of SASCU and providing meat and milk for supplementing the nutrition needs of the children under our support.

The farm started with 18 adult goats donated by THE GOOD EARTH GARDEN CENTER and many are now multiplying. There are currently 135 goats on the farm. Our goal is to reach over 1500 goats.


Currently we have 50 chicken on our poultry farm and egg production began in October 2018. Our dream is to have over 30,000 local birds that will be able to lay eggs and meet the nutritional needs of children under the support of SASCU. The surplus eggs will generate income to cater for the children’s basic needs.

Glossary of Humanity

Crop Cultivation

The farm provides basic food, grains and vegetables to the SASCU children under rehabilitation. The surplus is put up for sale to the local market. In addition, more land is currently being developed for farming to allow us achieve food security and reach our sustainability goal.

Glossary of Humanity

Tree Planting

SASCU works to grow a ‘greener’ Uganda through tree planting, educational programs and environmental leadership. This is a landmark period for us as we have planted over10,000 trees with the support of volunteers.
The trees have been specifically designed to address storm water runoff, soil contamination, air quality and deforestation.

“How are you making the Earth a healthier place to live, work and play?”


Thanks The Good Earth Garden Center and associates.Through your purchases, donations and prayers, SASCU is able to continue sharing the love of God with orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.
God Bless you as always.