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Right now is a pivotal moment in SASCU's history, and an investment in the next phase of SASCU's vision will bring us one step closer to creating a society where no child lives on the street. We are blessed to own a good piece of land outside the city, where we have started construction on Providence farm, a sustainable project that will radically improve the plight of children in Uganda. We have begun breeding goats, rabbits, planted four arces of Eucalyptus trees and crops have been planted, which some have been harvested and others will be ready for few months . The farm house, which will be used as a home for staff and guests, is under construction,an irigation system has been elected and a well has been successfully drilled. When fully realized, Providence farm will eventually be entirely self-sustaining, with its own schools, vocational training centers, a church, a hospital and an agricultural center. We are thankful for the compassionate spirit of THE GOOD EARTH GARDEN CENTER who are champaigning this great vision and all other individuals for investing at this critical time.

In the summer of 2016, SASCU Staff, students and missionaries and local workers teamed up to begin developing land that was graciously given to them. They named it Providence Farm, meaning “God will provide”. Through generous donations the team built a large goat shelter, a rabbit shelter house with hutches and cleared land to plant eucalyptus trees, various vegetables and maize. Most importantly, they built a well that provides fresh water to Providence Farm and surrounding families. All projects are moving toward the goal of future sustainability.

“Here is the 2017 update of The Good Earth team’s second summer trip to Uganda. Our primary focus was at Providence Farm, which is being developed as a means of sustainability for SASCU. We were able to clear 10 acres for planting maize, coffee, eucalyptus, beans, and mangos, installed irrigation and solar lighting, built two new grazing pens for the goats, built new rabbit hutches, and organized boring for a new well to irrigate the farm. Our Good Earth community, including customers, friends, family, and local business, Keeling Company, Inc, as well as Christ Community Church donated items for the orphans and farm, enabling us to make great strides towards a more sustainable ministry for these vulnerable children in Uganda. We feel blessed and honored for our continued relationships, and for the opportunity to love and care for these amazing children, offering them hope through Jesus Christ.”.