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Sponsor a Child in Education for $35 per month

What is SASCU?

Save Street Children Uganda (SASCU) is a national not for profit, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working to promote the rights of children living on the street and other vulnerable children in Uganda. Established in 2005 by former street children, SASCU is a legally registered agency operating in Uganda under the registration number S.5914/8163. Read More

How can I help?

  If you would like to sponsor a child with your monthly support:
  Please click Sponsor a child to choose a child to sponsor
  E- mail SASCU at info@sascu.org for help to choose a child in need for you.
Thereafter, the sponsorship team will send you the child’s picture, name and brief bio.
 To be part of the change in the lives of vulnerable children:
 ⇒Sponsor a student’s education needs for $35/month
 ⇒Sponsor a student’s education PLUS housing, meals, clothing and medical care for $45/ month.
 ⇒Contribute to teacher’s salary at $150/ month.
 ⇒Donate to the general fund (education, teachers salary, meals, housing) in any amount
 ⇒Donate to farm fund (vet care, feeds, facilities) in any amount.
 ⇒Buy a goat $75.
 ⇒Buy a large breed rabbit $35 or help to build a home for children.
 ⇒Pray for SASCU.
 ⇒Organise a fundraising event or a yard sale.
 ⇒Invite us to speak at your church or institution.
 ⇒Help raise awareness by sharing our website on Facebook and other social media platforms.

Your donation will help us reach these goals:
♦Provide basic education and general needs such as housing, meals, clothing and medical.
♦Rehabilitate former street children into the society.
♦Help cater for facilitation of staff pay and administration costs.
♦Help vulnerable children to become economically viable.
♦Further develop Providence Farm into a self-sustaining and income producing facet of SASCU.
If you are donating for a specific need please add a comment to your donation form so we know what your donation is for.